We are learning about the different parts of our body.  The skeleton, which is made up of bones, helps our body to stand up straight.  The rib cage protects our vital organs like our heart!
Jiena jisimni Wesley.    Ahna qieghdin erbgha membri fil-familja . Ommi thobbni hafna . Missieri jahdem ghalina . Hija ghandu sitt snin u jismu Jamie . Ahna ghandna zewg fkieren u zewg ammorini . Il-fkieren jisimhom Holly u Ron u l-ammorini jisimhom Jack u Jenny . Ahna niehdu hsieb lil xulxin . Id-dar taghna sabiha u kbira, u noqghodu hal-Qormi.
Ommi issajrilna u nieklu flimkien. Ahna nhobbu lil xulxin ghax ahna familja.
I have 5 senses, say them with me, 5 senses, here we go, say 5, hi 5!
During this week we are doing work on 'Our Families'.  We are talking about the different kinds of family realities that exist, about the different members of our families and how we spend our time together!
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Here is a fantastic site on which you can practice shopping and paying with the Euro!


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This week we are working on Place Value during our Maths lessons.   Here are some links to websites which will help you to revise.