is a fantastic website where children can have fun reading on the computer, thus watching animated pictures and listening to the story being read to them!  There are different activities which can be done on this website.  Children can even send their own stories!  Parents, please, just make sure that you always supervise your kids whilst using the internet - so, surf safely...!! :)


Kirsty Cassar
02/07/2012 5:25am

Hi Ms Marthese,

Really a fantasic website.
These games, puzzles, music etc will boost up our kids to exercise their abilities.
Thus, listening, watching and reading stories will enhance their writing skills.
What if our students are to write a story and submit it????

Ms Marthese
02/07/2012 11:24am

Hi thanks for the comments dear! Really apreciated! :)
I think that we should send our kids' stories to the website... nothing to loose and everything to gain.... Let's try and see what happens...! :)


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