2/11/2012 23:14:51

My Street
1.The street I live in is wide and is named New Street.
2.In my street there are many big houses and flats.
3.Many new and old motors and cars are parked in the street.
4.I like to see the shops, car dealers and garages.
5.The pavements are long and narrow.
6. In New Street there are many lights.
7. Everymorning I see many pedestrians going to school and to work.
8. Many people go out with their dog.
9. ln Christmas and on our feast,my street will be nice with the decorations.
10.l am happy to live in this street.

Ms Marthese
2/14/2012 02:26:13

Nice sentences Ryan - good job dear...!
Why don't you send them to me by email, so that I can put them on the website under 'Writings'? They will be seen by everyone then! :)


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