During the first week of October we had a play-pretend session, where all the kids in the class dressed up to interpret 'There was a Princess Long Ago'.  We had great fun singing the song  and acting out the story.... there was the Princess and the nasty witch, the handsome Prince, the castle and the forest....!  :)
Hello 3.1!  I would like to welcome you to our class website!  Here I will post all the new, interesting things we learn about during the day... and... you can also post your writings and drawings here too...!  So come on, send me your stories and I'll upload them here, for everyone to see...!  Hope you all have fun in year 3! :)
Here is a song about hundreds, tens and ones...
In the class, I've learned about animals and their habitats. There are different animals that live in the farm or in the jungle. The animals that live in the jungle are very wild. Some of them are lions, tigers, leopards, bears, elephants and many more. Some animals that live in the farm are cows, bulls, pigs, hens, chicks, goats and sheep.There are animals that can live in our house. They are cats, dogs, turtles, birds and much more. In the sea we can see many fish, octopus, shellfish, starfish, crabs and many more.In the ocean there live many sharks and big whales. I like animals because they make are world beautiful.
It was a special day today in our class - love was in the air - much more than usual...! :)   We read about Valentine's Day, we did a comprehension and did a word scramble activity!  The kids prepared a Valentine's Day frame for their loved ones.  Some of them gave Valentines to each other too... Finally, we sang along to the following song: