Maths:  Time
SSM pgs 11 - 14
English:  Adjectives
Work on Adjectives Booklet
Malti:  Aqra - Senduq Kuluri Tifla gdid fil-klassi
Maths:  Time - The Hour, analogue and Digital
Time Booklet - the hour handout

English:  Read - In the garden
Put in order
You can also work on 'Wordle'.

For Wednesday (arts and crafts)
Christmas Crackers
You will need:
a toilet paper roll
A green or red crepe paper
Gift ribbon
2 used christmas cards
a small toy or sweets to put in the cracker
Maths:  Finish off number patterns
Workbook pg: 25

Malti:  L-ghadd tan-nom
Malti Manija Grammatika u Vokabularju

English:  Adjectives
Work on Adjectives booklet

Study these new words:  house, rooms, storeys, airy, comfortable, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom
Maths:  Number Patterns
Abacus Workbook pg 24
Maths:  Number Patterns
Number WB pg 22

Social Studies:  Il-Pitiross
Mriezaq pg 10
English:  and, or
Way Ahead Pupil's Workbook pgs 24, 25

Malti:  Singular u Plural
X'jigi l-plural ta'
Aqra:  Senduq Buffuri - Ftit haxix fuq kartoncin

For tomorrow:
bring magnet
Christmas picture
Maths:  Worked on CLockwise and anti-clockwise
SSM Workbook pg 24
You can also look up this website:

English:  Reading 'In the garden' pgs 1 - 17
Put in order
You can also work on this website:


For next Wednesday please do not forget to bring
1. a small magnet
2. an A5 size picture
1. Maths
Fill in the next odd/even number
2. English Handout
Does, doesn't like
3. Malti
Malti Manija pg 7 - Nomi Komuni u Proprji
4 Aqra:  Senduq Buffuri - Xi haga tajba
Read:  In the garden pgs 1 - 11
New Words for Mon 22/11/10
body, face, eyes, ears, hands, fingers, feet