Today we continued working on numbers from 1 - 100 with what comes before, after and between a given number.
The kids were given 3 exercises to work:  What comes before?
                                                                            What comes after?
                                                                            What comes between?
Please read:  Gran pgs 1 - 12

Please note that every Tuesday and Friday the children are to come
Every Wednesday the children will be given reading HW.  So, for next Wednesday please read the given book and fill in the reading handout.
1.  Maths
Today we continued working with numbers from 1 - 100
You can play the internet game on:
HW:  Continue

2.  Malti
Maths - Handout nos 1 - 6
Please make sure you stick the F.I.S.H book titles on a blank sheet of paper.
Don't forget to bring money for photocopies.