Maths:  Subtraction Maths WB pgs 14, 15
Malti:  Dahhal aggettiv fil-vojt
English:  Reading Handout
Arts & Crafts:  Prepare for Carnival Masks (Cereal boxes and decoration material)
                       :  Cut white paper in different shapes for 'textured material shapes'
Maths:  Subtraction (tens - using the number chart)
English:  Fill in with these days of the week
Reading Handout
For tomorrow:  Kartoncina A4
Maths:  Finish off 2-D Shapes
SSM pgs 30, 31
English:  Put in order
Read:  Robin Hood pgs 1 - 15
For Wednesday (Art & Craft):  Kartoncina A4 (any colour)

Theme for this Week:  Occupations (Jobs)