Maths:  2d Shapes Booklet
Aqra:  It-tabib (handout)
For tomorow:  please do not forget to bring a small piece of wood or carton for
Maths:  2-D shapes Booklet
English:  Read 'The Outing' and Put in order the sentences
Read:  The Outiing
Maths:  Shapes Booklet
English:  Way Ahead pgs 46 - 49
Malti:  Malti Manija pġ 15 (L-għadd tal-aġġettiv)
Read:  Kipper and the giant
Aqra:  Ma nħobbx naqra
New words for this week:  postman, fireman, policeman, doc
Maths:  Workbook pg 29
Malti Manija:  Xoghol ta' servizz u xoghol tas-sengha pg 2, 3
Aqra: Il-poezija - It-tabib
Read the given library book and work out the reading handout for next wednesday!  You can hand it in even before if you like!! :)  Reading is so much fun...!
English:   People who help us worksheet (Crossword)
Aqra:  Ma nhobbx naqra
Read:  Kipper and the Giant
Maths:  Workbook pg 9
English: Way Ahead pgs 42, 43
Malti:  Malti Manija pg 14
Study:  The 2x table on Maths Study Book
Read:  Kipper and the Giant
Maths:  Doubles, nearly doubles handout
Malti:  Il-gens tal-aggettiv - Iddeskrivi dawn in-nomi
Read:  Kipper and the Giant pgs 1 - 22
Tomorrow:  come to school wearing casual clothes...!