Maths:  Work these doubles
Malti:  Aqleb fil-femminil (Gens tal-aggettiv)

Ikteb ftit sentenzi dwar 'Ikel tajjeb ghall-sahhitna'
Maths:  Fractions Handout
English:  Winter Booklet
Malti:  L-aggettiv - Malti Manija pg 17,18
Maths:  Continued work on adding nearly tens
WB pg 27, 28
Revised Money on Money Booklet
English:  Way Ahead Unit 6 - has/have
Finished reading Kipper and the Giant (don't forget that you can read along with this book on the ORT website.

For arts and crafts you need:

a red cardboard 10cm x 30cm to do the toboggan kids.... :)
Maths:  Adding nearly tens
English:  Oracy - Winter
Work on Winter Booklet
Read:  Kipper and the Giant pgs 1 - 13
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