On occasion of the official opening of the Lifeskills Room in our school by the Hon Minister of Education Mr Evarist Bartolo, all the year 3 classes gathered for the last time this year together with the parents to do the fruit kebabs... 
Our classroom turned into a kitchen today as tortellini were served during the break to all the children (and not only)!  Some of them preferred them plain, others wanted just the ham and the white sauce, whilst the rest wanted the mushrooms added!  It was great seeing the kids eating heartily...!  A special thanks goes to Mr Borg and Ms Chamarie for their help as 'kitchen hands'....! :)
On Friday 10th May, all the year 3 classes visited San Anton Gardens in Attard.  There we were greeted by the famous Grand Master De Paule, who was our host for the day!  The classes were divided in six groups, each choosing a name.  Each group was given a set of questions and the children had to find the answers by looking around in the garden.  After the treasure hunt the children had the opportunity to visit the 'Traditions and Crafts of  Malta', a nice exhibition made from mechanical figurines.  It was a great day out!
It was a very special day today at school!  Parents were invited over to the class to take part in today's lessons ad see how IT is integrated in our lessons.  Well, it seemed a bit strange at first to have 'grown up pupils' staring at me but they soon got in the 'swing' of things as the lessons started to develop...! 
We had great fun celebrating Earth Day!  We talked about the importance of taking care of our earth and how we can make it a better place to live in.  We all promised to do our best in keeping our environment clean, to reduce waste and not to waste water!  We ended our celebrations by eating some yummy earth day cupcakes, prepared by Ms Shamarie...!
It was a fantastic performance by all the kids in our class today!  They had a great time on stage performing 'The Awakening - from Winter to Spring'.  Well done to all... Here you are...
On the 6th of February our class took part in a science fieldwork session at Buskett.  It was a very interesting day where the children had the opportunity to visit the place in a different way - they  explored and investigated, looked and listened... and had fun...!  The pictures below say it all...!
Għal darb'oħra, numru sabiħ ta' ġenituri u qraba tat-tfal tat-tielet sena, ġew bi ħġarhom biex flimkien nagħmlu l-prinjolata.  Ir-riżultati (u anke t-togħma...!) jidhru li kienu tajbin ħafna... prosit lil kull min ġie...! :)
... so here we are - starting a new term - the second for this scholastic year...!  Let's hope it will be a great one, just like the first term...! Let's do this...! :)